Your present position:Academician of CAE

  • Full name:Liu Baochen
  • Gender:male
  • Specialty:mining
  • Research direction:mineral engineering and geotechnical engineering
  • Technical title:Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, doctorial supervisor
  • Work unit:crimm
  • Position:
Expert introduction

  academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, academician of Poland Academy of Sciences, doctoral tutor, professor level senior engineer, famous rock mechanics experts, enjoying special government allowance of the state council, currently taking the office of the the chief expert of our institute (mining engineering), holding a concurrent of committee member of international rock mechanics under world mining congress, committee member of international socceity for rock mechanics and member of national group of China, committee member of organizing committee of national tunnel conference, member of metallugical subcommittee of commission of techincal division under Chinese Academy of Science. He has engaged in theorey and practice research of "three-underground" mining for many years, applied the theory and method development of random medium in geotechnical engineering, achieving remarkable success,and is recoginzed as the founder of random medium subject at home and abroad.He died of illness in June 2017.

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